Breakfast, lunch, and snacks :)

Breakfast:Raisins and Spice oatmeal with milk: 150 cals +90 =240 cals

lunch: Special K (2 servings): 180cals+ milk= 280

snacks: Wheat thins(16 pieces): 130 cals

          – kashi bar: 130 cals

          -animal crackers(17): 120 cals  total: 380+240=620 cals



Day two: Breakfast, lunch, and snacks

Day two: Breakfast, lunch, and snacks

Heart to heart cereal: (3/4C) : 120 cals
Skim milk (1/2C) : 45 Cals
Large hot hazelnut with cream: 50 cals
Total for breakfast: 215 Cals

Banilla yogurt: 200 cals
Fruit(blueberries and strawberries): 35 cals

Honey roasted almonds(28 nuts): 160 cals
Total for snacks: 395

Lunch: Turkey,spinach, and cheese wrap.
Wrap: 100 cals
turkey: 120 cals
spinach: 5 cals
cheese: 50 cals
Medium iced dunkin toasted almond with milk: 60
total: 335 cals

total for today(so far): 945 cals

Dinner and goodnight

Of course it’s my first day and my dad orders pizza. Luckily it had only cheese and mushrooms.
2 slices: around 500 .. Meh
Spinach salad with mushrooms and feta cheese: 20+20+35= 75
Dinner: 575 cals.. Possibly more!

Endif my night with a hot ginger peach tea with a dash of honey and milk. Cals: 70 (about)
Sooo my daily total is around..
870+250+575+70= 1765


Kashi TLC Pumpkin Spice Flax Crunchy Granola Bars
– 170 cals
Golden delicious apple: 80 cals
pretzel rods dipped in peanut butter:
rods- three rods broken up in halves = 120 cals! I ate one before taking a picture, hence only 5 pieces! 🙂
2 tbs Skippy peanut butter(creamy): 190 cals

fresh fruit salad: around 6o cals

total cals: 620 cals

total cals daily: (250)+(620) = 870

Let me introduce myself.. :)

Hello. This is the first time I’ve ever blogged. I’m a newbie! The posts that will be written will be all about my new healthy and fit living style. It is almost summer time and I am determined to look and feel good. I’m sick of feeling self-conscious about the way I look. Not wearing short sleeves, feeling uncomfortable going to the beach, or ever socializing with friends and family needs to end. I keep saying to myself, “I will start tomorrow.” This has been going on for months.. I’m ready to make the change! I will make the changes by posting everything I eat, drink, and the fitness I am going to do. Also I will include any yummy recipes that I feel should be shared..!! 🙂 This is so exciting! Tomorrow I will start and cannot wait for my healthy future.  Please share stories of success or motivation tips to help me on this journey.